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American "Independent" Automakers

The independent automakers who had survived the depression of the 1930s had flexibility and enough capital from the war to be the first to launch all-new models for a car-starved nation. So lucrative was the American post-war car market that new automobile companies were also formed to cash in on the pent-up demand for new cars. This is their story told through text and the use of contemporary brochures, period literature, factory photos, road test info, and over 90 new, previously unpublished colour photos of restored examples to relate the importance of these historic vehicles.

- Comprehensive guide to the complete model ranges
- Deeply researched history reveals many little known facts
- Unique and rare models
- Production data and main features on individual models
- Issue dates, codes and packing for individual models and variations
- 120 high quality colour photographs, original ads, factory photos and brochure images
Kirjailija:Norm Mort

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