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A-Z of Cars 1945-1970

Demand for this book has never slackened since first publication in 1986, and a full revision in 1993 brought the benefit of the latest knowledge about many cars and makers. It's now back in print after a gap of over 10 years. More than 1000 models were on sale in Britain in the period, and every one of them is described and illustrated, while brief histories of their makes provide background.

Firmly established as the most comprehensive illustrated reference works available on the subject, the books in the Classic and Sports Car A-Z series provide unique individual coverage and analysis of every make and model of car sold in Britain, with:

- Photographs of all models
- Production dates and numbers
- Specifications and body types
- Descriptions and recognition features
- Historical notes on all makes
Kirjailija:Michael Sedgwick & Mark Gillies
Kustantamo:Herridge & Sons

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