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A-Z of Cars of the 1970s

From AC to Zagato, this A-Z offers the enthusiast and invaluable guide to all 1970s models sold in Britain, and Graham Robson's text also makes fascinating reading. An increasing number of Japanese cars came on the scene and as in any period there was the usual complement of doomed enterprises, now forgotten. More than 700 models are dealt with, and all are illustrated.

Firmly established as the most comprehensive illustrated reference works available on the subject, the books in the Classic and Sports Car A-Z series provide unique individual coverage and analysis of every make and model of car sold in Britain, with:

- Photographs of all models
- Production dates and numbers
- Specifications and body types
- Descriptions and recognition features
- Historical notes on all makes
Kirjailija:Graham Robson
Kustantamo:Herridge & Sons

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