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How to Drag Race

From race registration to the finish line and everything in between, How to Drag Race explains all the steps for successful drag racing, so the aspiring drag racer can easily setup his or her car, launch off the line, and quickly run at every racetrack. It offers the first comprehensive description of every aspect of drag racing, including car set up, driving techniques, class information, and getting active in racing at the local level.
Author Kevin McKenna, editor at National DRAGSTER, NHRA's weekly news magazine, uses 300 color photos to show you what to expect your first time out, how to set your street car or race car up for consistency and speed, and driving techniques for racers at all levels. He discusses tires, safety equipment, driving aids, such as line-locks and delay boxes, choosing a class, and advanced racer math. Special sections detail how to maximize your setup
Softcover, 144 pages
Kirjailija:Kevin McKenna
Kustantamo:SA Design

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