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Electric Guitar Manual

Most guitar players learn the basics on an economy guitar and there has never been a better time to find a bargain, with working instruments available for as little as £100. With some essential tweaks, good strings and careful setting up, it's possible to hone a budget guitar into a professional instrument. This manual offers tips, specialist advice and tricks of the trade that can be used to transform an 'off-the-shelf' entry-level guitar to provide feel, performance and sound to rival much more expensive instruments.

"Regular readers...will love this latest Haynes Manual..the company’s straightforward picture-heavy, walk through style translates brilliantly to the subject of guitar repair....an ideal investment." - Guitarist Magazine
'Book of the month'
"....a well realised, helpful, companion to assist with setting up and modifying your axe 'till it sings!" - Guitar & Bass
Hardback, 270 x 210mm, 200 pages, 750 colour illustrations
Kirjailija:Paul Balmer

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