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There are lots of books about Harleys, about their history, performance, lineage and the minutae of their specification, but none of them will tell you what to look for when buying one second-hand. That's what this book is about - it aims to be a straightforward, practical guide to buying a used Harley-Davidson. It won't list all the correct colour combinations for each year, or analyse the bike's design philosophy, or consider its background as a cultural icon - there are excellent books listed at the end of this one which do all of that. But hopefully it will help you avoid buying a dud. Point by point, it takes the reader through everything that needs looking at when buying a Harley, plus spares prices, which is the best model to buy for your needs, and a look at auctions, restorations and paperwork. A unique points scoring system sums up the intended purchase and its correct price category.
64 pages, 209 x 146 x 6 mm, 100 pictures

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