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Jaguar XJ6 1968 - 1979 Gold Portfolio

Replacing the 420G saloons, MkIIs and S-types the XJ6 became a standard for refinement and luxury. The Series I lacked room in the rear and the 2.8-litre engine acquired an unfortunate reputation. The long-wheelbase XJ6L was announced in 1972And became standard on the Series II cars. The 2.8-litre engine was replaced by a 3.4-litre and a short-wheelbase came back in 1973 with a two-door coupe body and called the XJ6C. Due to poor relations in the British motor industry in the mid to late-seventies quality suffered with the result that there are good and bad examples from this period.

This is a book of contemporary road and comparison tests, new model intros, long-term tests & buyers guide. Models covered: 2.8, 4.2, 3.4, Daimler Sovereign, Daimler 4.2 Auto., Series II 4.2, XJ6L, XJ6C, XJ12C & Convertible. 172 pages, 450 illus


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