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The New Mini Performance Handbook

Since its introduction the Mini Cooper and Cooper S have been among the hottest-selling subcompact hatchbacks on the market. Popular in road rally and autocross, as well as on the street, the new Mini has developed an intense following among driving and automotive design enthusiasts.
This book is designed to take the reader through the possibilities for performance upgrades, including step-by-step procedures for common upgrades including shocks and springs, brakes, clutch and flywheel, turbo replacement, supercharger pulley replacement, intake, exhaust, and even installing a limited slip differential.
Additionally, example cars are presented that show how many performance modifications come together to make a car that is well balanced and fun to drive. Whether you are prepping your Mini for the street or for competition, this book covers everything by using real-world examples and detailed instruction with color photography throughout.
Kirjailija:Jeffery Zurschmeide

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