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Planet Earth - Owners' Workshop Manual

The Earth Manual explains the physical world in which we live by first setting the Earth within the context of the planetary system which orbits the Sun. Where appropriate, the unique properties of the Earth are contrasted with those on other planets. Why for instance is Earth the only planet with highly mobile plates, why has its atmosphere been continuously changing over time since the planet formed and why has it got such a large [and only] Moon. We will explore the reason why the atmosphere changed over time in response to the evolutionary progress of increasingly advanced life forms, examining why the origin of plants and the first trees re-set the atmospheric clocks and began to transform the Earth for ever. We will look at how the Earth has laid down a vast storehouse of organic and inorganic matter which life has sapped in to for in its own advantage and we will explore how the to provide the knowledge which has formed the substance of this book.

Kirjailija:David Baker
Kustantamo:Haynes Publisihing

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