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Porsche 911 1998 - 2004 Ultimate Portfolio

Whilst the 996 retained the 911 badge as well as the silhouette of what people expect a 911 to possess and, importantly for marketing (not necessarily engineering!) reasons, it retained the rear engined configuration. It really was a whole new ball game for the company and its clients. Developed in parallel with the 986 Boxster, it shared some 40 per cent of body components with its sibling. But hiding at the rear was a completely new engine, a 3.4-litre (later expanded to 3.6-litres) DOHC per bank water-cooled flat six designed to satisfy all current and future emission and noise regulations. Some of the purists tut-tutted in their beer about the engine not being a real Porsche engine but a quick blast down the autobahn soon showed them that it made all the right (legal) noises and had that guttural growl that 911 buyers expect, plus it had enormous reserves of power that take place around the world. And let us not forget the stunning 911 Cabriolet and the unusual
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