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Sex Drive

Vrrrroooommm! Ever since the first automobile hit the highway, America has had a passionate love affair with these supercharged speedsters. From hot rods to cool convertibles, from little deuce coupes to red Cadillacs and blue Corvettes, cars kick a person’s libido into overdrive.

Sex Drive celebrates the revered relationship between the auto and the erotic, providing a sizzling look at love in the fast lane. More than 70 color photographs of hot models and even hotter cars, shot on location in steamy L.A., will have motors revved up and purring. Breathtaking images of giant curved fenders, sleek yet graceful lines, sparkling chrome, swooping custom tailored seats, and of course the riders enjoying it all (and each other) will have you salivating... and coming back for more.

With titillating text and steamy quotes from well-known sexperts, all that’s left to say is: start your engines!
128 pages
0.6 x 9.2 x 11.2 inches
Kirjailija:Allen Jake Bronstein

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