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Today's top custom bike builders

In 1958 George Smith started a small company called S & S Cycle. His mission: "To make all bikes go faster." Fifty years later, S & S Cycle is everything Smith envisioned. To celebrate its fiftieth anniversary, the world’s premiere builder of aftermarket V-twin motorcycle engines and components commissioned custom motorcycles from fifty top builders. The competition that grew out of this challenge unfolds in the pages of S & S Presents Today's Top Custom Bike Builders, which showcases the splendid bikes built for S & S’s fiftieth anniversary show. The book, beginning with a brief history of S & S Cycle, features four-page spreads on each motorcycle, along with profiles of the builders--including Chica, Cory Ness, Paul Cox, Jerry Covington, Jesse Rooke, Redneck Engineering, Arlen Ness, Kim Suter, Brian Klock, Kendall Johnson, Roger Bourget, Rick Fairless, Fred Kodlin, and celebration of the custom builder’s art as it is a tribute to S & S Cycle’s accomplishment.
Kirjailija:Howard Kelly & Michael Lichter

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