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Wine - Enthusiasts' Manual

Wine - Enthusiasts' Manual - 7,000 BC onwards (all flavours)

Wine comes in many forms and flavours, and has been a part of man's social history for thousands of years, the earliest evidence of a fermented drink based on grapes originating from China around 7,000 BC. Today, winemaking is big business, both in Europe and the New World. This down-to-earth, extensively illustrated book brings the successful Haynes Manual approach to the world of wine, providing a fascinating insight into how wines and winemaking techniques have developed around the world, and offering practical advice on how to produce successful homemade wine. Essential reading for all wine fans, from drinkers wishing to learn more about the wine they drink, to potential master vintners.
270 x 210 mm, 152 sivua
ISBN:978-0-85733-804 4
Kirjailija:Tim Hampson
Kustantamo:Haynes Publisihing

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