VOLKSWAGEN GOLF VII (5G) PHASE 1 5DOORS 2012/10 - 2017/06
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VOLKSWAGEN GOLF VII (5G) PHASE 1 5DOORS 2012/10 - 2017/06


NEW! Advanced electronic diagnostics tool, wiring diagrams and mechanical servicing guide


Fault code lookup

Run component tests

Servicing data

Video guides

Technical drawings

Wiring diagrams

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Digitaalinen tuote, ohje lukuoikeutesi aktivoimiseen lähetetään 24 tunnin kuluessa tilauksestasi.



  • Volkswagen GOLF (2012 - 2017)

Haynes Autofix is an all-new product designed for confident home mechanics.

We want you to be happy with your purchase. Please note:

What it is

It is an online reference guide containing key technical information, detailed workshop repair data and general guides to completing the most common service and repair tasks.

What it is not

It is not based on a stripdown and rebuild of your particular vehicle.

It does not contain step-by-step guides for novice mechanics

It is not a printed manual

What’s Covered

NOTICE: exact coverage may vary between vehicles. Please note that Haynes Autofix includes access to one engine only, selected after your purchase.

Service intervals
Including service indicator reset

Engine, Emissions, Cooling system, Electrical, Brakes, Steering and wheel alignment, Air conditioning, Wheels and tyres, Capacities, Torque settings

Maintenance and repair information
Engine, Clutch, Transmission, Drive shaft, Differential, Steering and suspension, Brake system, Heating and air conditioning, Bodywork and interior, Electrical system, Wheels and tyres

                    Lubricants & fluids
                    Engine, Cooling system, Brakes, Transmission, Air conditioning

Electronic and Diagnostics

Electronic diagnostics

NOTICE: exact coverage may vary between vehicles.

A world-leading diagnostics application, now available for DIYers

Wiring diagrams for engine management, ABS, ESP and air conditioning

Retrieve data from the vehicle’s engine management/ CAN-Bus system to diagnose faults and component errors which have generated fault codes

Enter fault codes and see their description with suggested components to test

Comfort Wiring Diagrams

Clear, “localised” wiring schematics for key vehicle features, with wire and component trace functionality for fast, efficient, first-time fixes.

Includes pan and zoom functionality

Highlight feature to trace corresponding wires and components

Air conditioning, Central locking, Exterior lights, Horn, Instrument cluster, Power windows, Starting/charging, Supplemental restraint system (SRS)/Airbag, Wash/wipe system


Fuse locations

                      Fully illustrated guide to locating each fuse

Warning lights

Complete guide to every common warning light and how to respond


Interactive Fault Finding

                       This tool will help diagnose more than 400 problems. Type the details of your issue in plain English
                       and receive back a range of suggestions to resolve the issue. Or, search by vehicle system or
                       commonly requested solutions.

DIY Tutorials

                    The experts at Haynes have compiled 50+ tutorials on tasks that range from
                    changing the oil to replacing a timing belt. Use these DIY friendly guides
                    alongside the data for your vehicle to complete the job correctly first time.

Guides include tools needed, level of difficulty, common problems and expert tips. We’ll even suggest other jobs to take on in conjunction with the one you have chosen.

                    More content is added continually to ensure you are covered for every job!


                   In addition to comprehensive data, diagrams and written tutorials, a wide
                   range of instructional videos are available to view. Understand your job
                   quickly and learn the best way to tackle each one.

                   More content is added continually to ensure you are covered for every job!

Technical Drawings

                   View super-high-quality diagrams of key components, with exploded views. Each one details the torque
                   setting of every fitting.


For a new generation of vehicles, welcome to an all-new repair guide. The Haynes Manual has inspired and helped DIY repairers for more than 60 years, but today’s modern vehicles come with new challenges that can only be tackled by a digital product.

When we first began selling manuals in the 1960s, vehicles were simple to maintain and there were relatively few models on sale. Today, electronics are a vital part of how your vehicle operates and there are more than 100,000 different variants of make/ model/ body type/ gearbox and engine.

So at Haynes, we knew that to continue offering a great product, we needed to take a brand-new approach - nothing less than a reinvention of the repair manual. With so many models on sale, it is impossible to strip down and rebuild enough cars to cover the market properly. Instead, Haynes Autofix is based upon workshop data with added DIY tutorials full of general tips and techniques.

The instructions are no longer step-by-step and are best-suited to confident home mechanics or professionals.

But we’re adding something new, powerful and very important.

Modern cars are equipped with dozens of sensors and ECUs (control units). Today, the first step when servicing a car is to plug a diagnostic tool into the OBD (on-board diagnostics) system of the vehicle.

So, we’re putting an electronics diagnosis module in the hands of DIY repairers for the first time. Enter a fault code and follow the instructions to test components in order, and establish the likely cause of a problem. Our tool goes far beyond what commonly available fault code readers offer, and puts you, the car owner, back in control. Even if you choose not to complete the repair yourself, you will know exactly what the problem is when you hand it over to a workshop.

Haynes Autofix is not a Haynes Manual. We want to be very clear about this, but we know that our new product will enable many thousands of you to continue maintaining your vehicle and troubleshooting problems in a DIY environment.

Note: Autofix is a worldwide product. You will sometimes see RHD (right hand drive) or LHD (left hand drive) mentioned. On location diagrams, we sometimes have LHD drawings only; but they do apply to RHD vehicles in a mirror image.



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