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Honda CB 500 & 550 Fours 1971-77 Näytä suurempana

Honda CB 500 & 550 Fours 1971-77



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Since Soichiro Honda started motorcycle production in 1947, the total number of machines exported to the world
market each year reached thirty seven thousand in 1960 and two million by 1980. This remarkable achievement in
growth rate has been accomplished by providing the right machines at the right time. At the end of 1968, Honda
produced its first Haymaker - the world's first mass-produced superbike, the CB750 Four. The American market
took over twenty thousand in the first year, with the UK waiting until 1970 before stock was available in any
quantity. Since the 750 Four was dominating the market, Honda had to capitalise on this to keep the momentum
going. 1972 saw the introduction of the CB500 Four, and later in the same year the CB350 Four. Both of these
machines followed the same formula as their big brother the 750 Four. Introducing the 500 Four, Honda exclaimed:
Here is a superbike you can ride in the city. It is light, low, sleek, smooth and tractable. True to its word the 500
Four would out-run a 750 Four. That is, until you reached a long straight road, then into the next bends, look out
750! The 350 Four, which is still one of the nicest looking machines Honda have ever produced, didn’t sell well in
the American market. It was replaced by the CB400 Four during 1974. This supersport machine was given a six
speed gearbox, and a four-into-one exhaust. The 750 Four gave Honda the machine to lead the world, but here in
the UK we coveted the smaller Fours. They’re great, easy machines to ride. And, if the truth be known, we all like
them better than the 750. 29 articles on Honda's groovy bikers dream.

The 750 Four gave Honda the machine to lead the world. 29 articles on Honda's groovy bikers dream. Articles
include: road & comparison tests, new model intros, engine strip & servicing. Models covered: Super Sport, CB500,
500K2, CG550, 550F & F2, 550K & K3 & 550F-77. 140 pages, 250+ illus. SB.

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